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Business Law


We Collaborate with Businesses to Defend their Gains and Build an Even Better Future


We understand the enormous hard work and risk entailed in any business.  At Arthur Kim Law Firm, we collaborate with businesses to defend their hard won gains and build an even better future.  We represent businesses in a variety of disputes, including:


Breach of Contract
Unfair Competition
Libel, Slander
Real Estate
Regulatory Compliance



Employment Law


We understand that the lives of good employees can be devastated by the unscrupulous practices of employers.  We specialize in employment law and represent employees who have been harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, or unpaid.


Wrongful Termination
Unpaid Wages / Overtime
Sexual Harassment

(Race, Disability, Sex, Pregnancy)

Fired for Work Injury
Fired Due to Serious Medical Conditions
Whistleblower Cases

(Fired for Trying to Obey the Law)

Class Actions


We work on a contingency basis. This means there are no charges for working on your case unless we are successful.