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"Arthur is one of the most respected and competent employment litigators in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. He is extremely intelligent and hard-working. Arthur is also very tenacious. He never gives up, and will dedicate himself to your case. Arthur is a expert at sizing up a defendant's case and figuring out all of the weak points in the case. He uses his superior knowledge of the case to get you the best result possible. Arthur is also a pleasure to work with. He has excellent communication skills and is very responsive to client questions. I highly recommend Arthur to anyone looking for an excellent employment attorney." - Employment Attorney (San Francisco, CA)

"Thank you for being so kind, generous and considerate!" - Class Representative (Los Angeles, CA).

"I didn't realize how much nicer these things can go when you are working with true professionals. If I should ever find myself needing these types of services in the future, there is no question who my first choice is. Also it was very nice to feel so included in the negotiation process. I really felt that I was helping. In case I haven't said it enough at this point, thank you!"- (Anaheim, CA)

"Thank you for believing my cause was right." - Wrongful Termination Client (Los Angeles, CA).

"Thank you so much for your time, efforts, and all of the counsel that you provided for us in these dark times." - Retaliation Client (Southern CA).