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We live in a time of crisis where the civil rights of ALL Americans are at risk and the integrity of our core institutions are threatened. Most of our cases involve disputes of a private nature that are best handled with the discretion and confidentiality of the attorney client relationship. But we are also involved in cases that have large public significance. In the interest of facilitating public participation in these matters, we have decided to provide ongoing information about these higher profile cases.


From the perspective of our practice, we have seen a disturbing rise of racism in our society. They include: (i) increased racism toward African Americans and (ii) a new racism toward white Americans. We are involved in lawsuits to combat both types of racism. Racism toward any group is pernicious to the strength and well-being of a diverse society like ours. The interests of our clients, who come from all racial backgrounds, are best served by promoting unity and combatting all forms of racial discrimination.

“End ALL Racism” Tour

First stop (Santa Ana, California, 2/13/24)

Short Film About Santa Ana Rally and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Speeches by Arthur Kim and Dane Crawford regarding Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


Civil rights functions to create a neutral public space where a diverse society can live, work and govern together. Public spaces include employment and public schools. The public space should never favor or disadvantage any protected category, including race, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability. In the case of religion, this means the public space should never promote or attack beliefs of a religious nature – whether they are Christian beliefs, gay pride beliefs, secularism or otherwise.

From the perspective of our office, we are seeing government promotion of favored religious beliefs. We are also seeing intolerance of religious beliefs that get in the way of powerful economic or political interests.

Georgia Ringler v. The Scripps Research Institute

We represent a Christian events manager against The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in San Diego for failing to provide a readily available alternative to the covid vaccine. According to information provided by the CDC and NIH, testing sensitivity for covid was approximately 98% while vaccine effectiveness was approximately 66% or lower during the relevant time period. In other words, testing was a viable alternative to vaccination.

See Declaration of Robert W. Malone, M.D. (medically trained at Northwestern University and Harvard University medical schools; scientifically trained at Salk Institute, UC San Diego, and UC Davis; inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccination as well as mRNA as a drug, with nine issued patents; author of approximately 100 peer-reviewed publications and published abstracts with approximately 14,000 citations; invited speaker at 100+ scientific conferences; has testified at the US Senate, the Texas State Senate, the Tennessee State Senate and the Louisiana State Senate)

Declaration of Robert W. Malone in Support of Plaintiff Georgia Ringler’s Opposition to Defendant The Scripps Research Institute’s Motion for Summary Judgment or in the Alternative Summary Adjudication

TSRI objected to Dr. Malone’s declaration in part based on newspaper stories that accused Dr. Malone of spreading misinformation. Judge Kenneth Medel of the San Diego Superior Court sustained TSRI’s objections. We are disturbed that newspaper stories may have led to the exclusion of Dr. Malone’s expert testimony since the contents of newspaper stories are inadmissible hearsay. Newspaper stories do not meet the rigors of the California Evidence Code.

Moreover, “misinformation” has no meaning in the courts of law. Perjury, fraud, or a crime involving moral turpitude are well-known concepts in the courts of law, but “misinformation” is a new and alien concept. Literally every party, every plaintiff’s attorney, and every defense attorney could be accused of “misinformation” during a lawsuit. This is precisely why the courts exist – to separate truth from lies in a formal, reliable process. “Misinformation” then is a political crime, a crime of being on the wrong side of power, and should be disregarded by the courts. The courts, as an independent branch of government, should never forfeit its role as the most sophisticated arbiter of truth in our society. The essential identity of the lawyer and judge is to be above politics, not just in rhetoric, but in a reality crafted by years of practicing in the courtroom, navigating the intricacies of the evidence code, and from years of resolving intractable disputes between private parties where everyone has a different story to tell. Attorneys and judges are the ultimate experts in dispute resolution in our society.

S.Q., et al. v. Granada Hills Charter

We represent a group of brave students and families in a lawsuit against Granada Hills Charter for the latter’s refusal to permit any religious exemptions to their covid vaccine mandate. In the secular worldview of Granada Hills Charter, religion simply does not exist.

See clips from press conference on November 1, 2023.

Attorney Arthur Kim

Student David Gukasyan

Pastor Stacy Hayes

Robert W. Malone, M.D.

Robert W. Malone, M.D., GHC Press Conference, November 1, 2023 (

Attorney Jennifer Kennedy

We are happy to report that days after our press conference, Granada Hills Charter dropped its covid vaccine mandate for students.

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